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Summer Classes

Builders and Inventors

  • Learn about famous Inventors and what they invented.

  • Invent your own creations!

  • Learn about famous people, who built great things.

  • Build your own great things!

duplo bridge.jpg

Meet Famous Inventors!

Including: Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, and Leonardo da Vinci!

wright brothers airplane.jpg

So, You Want to be a King...

Act it Out!

pharoah costume for a kid_edited.jpg

Builders & Inventors

Maximum of 10 children in each class

July 29th-August 2nd

K-5 meets from 9-12

Cost: $175

Building Models

Explore Ancient Egypt

Pharaohs, Pyramids, Mummies!

Image by Nataliia Blazhko

History Alive!

July 15th-19th

K-5 meets from 9-12

Cost: $175

Image by Dilip Poddar
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